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My Daily Cow App Sale 11-28 Feb 2014

A Cow a Day and a Reference Guide into the World of Cattle
A Comprehensive Cattle Compendium
A Bountiful Bovine Bestiary

You can get a different cow every 24 hours
our sensational



Just shake your device and get a random cow.

“Awesome App” - says The Dairy Mail

The My Daily Cow® App lives entirely on your device and does not use your phone data plan or require WiFi while in use. And it moos – Go cows!

The 2022 Version 1.8 UPDATE has:
• 4 more cows!
• Better graphics in Cow Parts

The 2021 Version 1.7 UPDATE has:
• All breeds now updated into GROUPS according to Felius and Mason.
• More breeds added (from 761 to 937 breeds).
• All the Criollos and more Composites.
• Hi-res images updated for most breeds.
• Breed names clearly sorted by category according to DAD-IS, Felius and Mason.
• Glossary expanded (from 630 to 700 terms).
• Breed USES organized a bit better.
• Information has been expanded on many more breeds and technical information has been tightened up (taking up less screen space).
• Additional images (when available) of a breed have been added at the bottom of its page and TONS more information (all current with DAD-IS 2021 database) — here's an example of the detail provided on this app: Alentenjana


When you download this app after purchasing — you’re done with the internet (except for updates). Your device only needs power for this app to work.


Today gives you a different cattle breed every 24 hours or whenever you start up the app again after 24 hours.

Today’s Cow (example displayed on iPad Pro):

Your My Daily Cow® App scales to whichever iOS device you are using (see examples below).

My Daily Cow® App (HIGHLAND example displayed on iPad Pro):

My Daily Cow® App (HIGHLAND example displayed on iPhone XS Max):

Useful Links Are Everywhere — Just Tap and LEARN!


TAP any My Daily Cow® hi-res cattle breed image to isolate it – and when you turn your device to landscape view – that image will automatically become LARGER.

Isolated and Enlarged (HIGHLAND example displayed on the iPad Pro):
HIGHLAND enlarged on iPad Pro

Tap the BACK arrow and you will return to its information page.


Can't wait another 24 hours for your random cow? SHAKE YOUR DEVICE! That’s right – we’ve invented Shake-A-Moo — every time you shake your device you get a different cattle breed (and some very a-moo-sing moo-sound variations.

Shake-A-Moo (example displayed on iPad Pro):
Shake-A-Moo on iPad Pro

Shake your device as many times as you like. It doesn’t matter where you are in the app, either; you’ll get a cow. Just tap the Today tab on the bottom menu bar and you will go back to your cow of the day.


Your current Today’s Cow breed is always at the top of your History list.

History (partial example displayed on an iPhone X):
History on iPhone X

The History tab opens a dated list of your daily dose of cow from all the days you have opened the app. It does NOT add cows on days when you don’t use or open the app. Because this app is not connected to the internet, it does not lurk in the background using your battery. (We also have no way of knowing what your daily cow is unless you email and tell us. Take a screenshot if you want to show your friends.)

All cows are still available in the Reference section for you to browse or look up at any time. Add any cow you really like to your Favorites list in the Reference section by tapping the ‘+’ in the upper right-hand corner.


Cow Parts is a section where you can roam about and discover over 100 cow parts — all of which are diagramed and/or explained.

The main categories in Cow Parts are:
• Horns
• Head
• Neck
• Legs
• Body
• Rear
• Udder
• Stomach

All links take you to answers that are within the My Daily Cow® App itself. (You are not searching the web for the answers.)

Stomach (partial example displayed on iPad Pro):


Our Reference has six different sections:


A-Z : All cattle, sorted by breed name

The A-Z section has 937 bovines so far — cows, bulls, heifers, calves, oxen, steers, bibovines, yaks and yakows — all in alphabetical order by breed name.

A-Z (top of list example displayed on iPad Pro):

GROUPS : Cattle organized by similar characteristics

The Groups section shows you general cattle group divisions. Cattle breeds that share similar characteristics and originated in the same general area are listed under these headings.

Example of a GROUP division:
A-3: Horned/Dairy/Scandinavia and Scotland

GROUPS (top of list example displayed on iPad Pro):
GROUPS top of page on iPad Pro

• COUNTRIES / AREAS : Places where cattle breeds originated

The Countries / Areas section organizes cattle breeds by place of origin with 169 different countries and areas represented.

COUNTRIES / AREAS (top of list example displayed on iPad Pro):
COUNTRIES / AREAS top of list on iPad Pro

USES : Cattle uses in order of importance

The Uses section lists 37 different cattle uses (milk, beef, work, fighting — and more) and then shows you the cattle breeds raised for them.

USES (top of list example displayed on iPad Pro):
USES top of list on iPad Pro

Why list the term ‘milk’ instead of ‘dairy’?

Cows do not produce ‘dairy’ — they produce milk; a cow can be used for milk. Our research has also shown that ‘milk’ is a more universally understood term for a cow’s use. This is why the My Daily Cow® App lists ‘milk’ as a major use instead of ‘dairy’.

GLOSSARY : Bovine terminology and nomenclature

The Glossary section contains over 700 bovine-related terms*, nomenclature* and anatomy — all clearly explained. Want to know how cows really digest food other than some cartoon version you got in a coloring book? Need to know those bovine body parts because you’re an agricultural student? Then this is the app for you!

GLOSSARY (top of list example displayed on iPad Pro):
GLOSSARY top of list on iPad Pro

*terms - words or phrases used to describe something.
*nomenclature - the body or system of names in a particular field (like agriculture, which sometimes talks about fields, which can then contain cattle, and the list goes on and on and on . . . this app has become a mini-encyclopedia.)

FAVORITES : Your favorite cows

The Favorites section lets you keep a list of your favorite breeds. You can add and delete cows any time you see fit. No matter where you are in the app, you can tap the ‘+ ’button in the upper right corner of your screen to add a cow to your Favorites list.

See how easy it is to add a Favorite by following the example below:

1. You found the Afrikaner in the A-Z section. Tap the ‘+’ button in the upper right corner — if you don't see the ‘+’ button, that cow is already your top Favorite cow. (example displayed on an iPhone X):

2. The Afrikaner, with your permission, is now added to your Favorites (example displayed on an iPhone X):

3. The Afrikaner is now at the top of your Favorites list. Go there and tap the ‘Edit’ button in the upper right corner of your screen to edit your list (partial example displayed on an iPhone X):

4. You can now delete the Afrikaner (or any cow) from your list (partial example displayed on an iPhone X):

5. Once deleted, tap the ‘Done’ button in the upper right corner of your screen (partial example displayed on an iPhone X):

6. The Afrikaner is now gone from your Favorites list (partial example displayed on an iPhone X):

— INFO —


Need basic information for using the My Daily Cow® App? Our Help section is simple and easy to understand.


Our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) answers a few questions about cattle and the My Daily Cow® App (see below):

FAQ (example displayed on iPad Pro):


Need to ask a question? Want to give some feedback and tell us what you think? Have you found some incorrect information or think something needs to be included? Please send us an email. My Daily Cow® will respond as promptly as possible.


My Daily Cow® respects your Privacy. As we said before, this app does NOT stay connected to the internet. It is not looking for any WiFi or constantly refreshing itself in any way. And we keep no stats.


In Settings on your device — you will find that the My Daily Cow® App has minimal settings to fuss with. The choices are as follows:

Show The Daily Cow when you open the app. (If you choose to leave this turned off, then the last page you were on in the app will show up instead.)
Reset All Tabs will make the app default to opening on the first page of each tab each time you open the app.

• “My Daily Cow” Theme
• “My Daily Cow” Cowbell
• “My Daily Cow” Moo
• “My Daily Cow” Bell & Moo
• Short Cowbell

Yes, it moos!

You can moo when you’re in line at the grocery store and want to make everyone smile. Your Daily Cow Sound can Play every time the app opens — or Only For A New Cow — or not at all. Your choice.

Bigger, Please does just that – it makes the text bigger for easier reading when desired.

Thank you for reading this. We hope you purchase the My Daily Cow® App and also explore this Kranky Kids website for even more cow related info and pictures (look at The Cow Wall).


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