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Our radio and theater scripts are suitable for all ages. Even if a student doesn't understand exactly what they're saying – they're still learning how to communicate and read. Here is a list of all our scripts.

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Grimmly Speaking®

DRAMA: Grimmly Speaking

The most downloaded series in our ever expanding collection of free radio and theater scripts. Many of our online scripts also include audio to help younger students learn how to read.

Grimm fairy tale scripts  >

Caterpillar Cop™

DRAMA: Caterpillar Cop

What happens when Io Moth Caterpillars get defensive? What does pawpaw have to do with Zebra Swallowtail Caterpillars? Read, listen and learn how Caterpillar Cop solves each case.

When the larvae get loathsome and unlawful  >

Ptime Flies Like A Pterodactyl

DRAMA: Ptime Flies Like A Pterodactyl

Twenty stand-alone skits originally written for a theater production with a cast of seven. Can be used for both theater and radio. Some of the skits you just have to watch. All scripts come with audio.

scripts and stage performances  >

Men In Milk™

DRAMA and COWS: Men In Milk

A kid jumped up onto a table, raised his arm and yelled, "Men in milk - dairy defenders!" He was little, but he still had to get off the table. These online scripts also include audio to help younger students learn how to read.

Stop the Moomen from stealing our milk!  >

The Classics

DRAMA: The Classics

These scripts have been used for both theater and radio productions. Listen and read each synopsis and you could take a test about Moby Dick and pass.

Moby Dick: The Chase  >

Radio Afters

DRAMA: Radio Afters

These are radio pieces were developed during Kranky Kids After-School programs and then used for live radio shows. As usual, the online scripts also include audio.

after school after all  >

Time For Cows®

DRAMA and COWS: Time For Cows

This series began as part of a live Kranky Kids radio show at Stanford Unversity's KZSU station. The online scripts also include audio so students can hear how other students performed pretending to be different cattle breeds.

It's always time for cows  >

Investigative Retorts

DRAMA: Investigative Retorts

This series began as part of several live Kranky Kids radio shows at the University of New Hampshire's WUNH station. The online scripts also include audio to help younger students learn how to read.

See what's been reported  >

Looking For Godzilla's Sandals

DRAMA: Looking for Godzilla's Sandals

Uhm, well, he's really big and we got to thinking about what his wardrobe might look like. This started out as a theater piece. We learned a lot about Godzilla monsters that you can find in INFO.

live performance and studio recording  >

sei favole/Six Fables

DRAMA: Sei Favole

Are you teaching or learning Italian? These very simple scripts helped our students and we all had fun acting them out.

six fables in English and Italian  >

Kranky Kids Radio Shows

DRAMA: Kranky Kids Radio Shows

Stanford University's KZSU let us give you skits and music recorded in after-school programs from all over the USA. Have a listen to how silly it all gets (and sometimes serious because we did interview real humans too). And there's cows!

Kranky Kids Radio Show program list  >