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Yes, our idea of INFO is pretty out there. We have Godzilla monsters, surfer lingo, pancake making, writing a children's book and more!

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Software Cheat Sheets
Surfer and Hawaiian Slang Dictionary
Godzilla Kaiju/Monster List
Godzilla Kaiju/Monster Wall
Godzilla Movie List 1954 - 1998
Lepidoptera Lattice
Zebra Swallowtail Butterflies and Caterpillars
Io Moths and Caterpillars
Frog Fjord

Making Things:

Logos for the Kranky Kids Website
Sashiko Origami Quilting
Props and Costumes: Ptime Flies Like A Pterodactyl
recipes42 (recipes for two people)


Two Cats and the Ongoing Drama

How To Make:

How To Make After-School Video Programs for Children
– Watch The Making of the Raw Pineapple Documentary
How To Make Design Decisions
– a lesson on how some of those decisions get made
How To Make a Documentary
– Follow along as The Making of the Kranky Kids® Theater 2007 Documentary is put together
How To Make a Holiday Tree that Hangs on The Wall and Displays Your Ornaments
– Learn how to make one in seven easy steps
How To Make a Turkey Out of Produce
– Learn which produce was used to create Teresa Fasolino's beautiful turkey illustration

How To Animate:

Grimmly Speaking Theme Song
Faire Sweet Cruell – An Elizabethan Love Song
– Follow along as the animation and song are put together

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