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Our cow research is serious. We spend hours hunting images and cross-checking all information in the reference books we buy (and they cost a lot). For teaching, our scripts are fun AND based on bovine facts. So students keep learning while laughing. Please buy our app and fund our work.

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My Daily Cow®

COWS: My Daily Cow

One of the best encyclopedias for cattle breeds on the web. Learn facts not fancy about bovines. Also available as an app.

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My Daily Cow®

COWS: Cows & Curds Volume 1

A magazine layout of various breeds and cheese that was used in a Cow Wall display.

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The Cow Wall®

COWS: The Cow Wall

We continue our years of research and so far have made well over a thousand images into Cow Wall cattle. This is the largest and only online side-by-side picture reference of the world's cattle breeds.

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Time For Cows®

COWS and DRAMA: Time For Cows

This series began as part of a live Kranky Kids radio show at Stanford Unversity's KZSU station. The online scripts also include audio so students can hear how other students performed pretending to be different cattle breeds.

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Men In Milk™

COWS and DRAMA: Men In Milk

A kid jumped up onto a table and yelled, "Men in milk - dairy defenders!" He was little, but he still had to get off the table. The online scripts also include audio to help younger students learn how to read.

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Guest Cow Pages

COWS: Guest Cow Pages

We are honored that people from around the world have sent us pictures of cattle. Information and images provided by people on location is always appreciated.

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