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We have all sorts of wacky videos we made with students. We also have animated titles and documentaries and more.

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Animated Titles:

Grimmly Speaking Theme Song
Little Red-Cap
Snow White
The Literal School
The Louse and The Flea
The Pretty Pretty Princess


A Mark In The Sand
Kranky Kids Live On Radio
The Making of The Raw Pineapple
Outtakes of The Raw Pineapple

Theater Productions:

Little Red Cap/Little Red Riding Hood
The Louse and The Flea
Snow White/Little Snow White

Students talking about Kranky Kids After-School Programs:

Students in Exeter
Students in New Castle
Student Memories
Students on the Playground
Students Watching Over and Over
Students and Nonsense
Student Favorites

Video Productions:

One Waiter One Shift
Saving Tink
School Store Sitcom
Spirits of the School
The Literal School
The Pretty Pretty Princess
The Raw Pineapple


My Hero

Music Video:

The Eat-e-ments (62 Different Foods Song)

TV Show Excerpt:

Battle of the Butlers

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