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Important News: My Daily Cow App version 1.8 Update for 2022 is up! Also two new paperbacks: Color My Cow and Men In Milk - Dairy Defenders. Enjoy your cows.

The entire play of Ptime Flies Like A Pterodactyl: Script, Stage Directions and Props is now available in both paperback and Kindle – Go HERE

BORED? DON’T FORGET! - There’s a Kranky Kids YouTube Channel with English subtitles. And if you don’t see the Kranky Kids logo, it’s not Kranky Kids.

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My Daily Cow®

COWS: My Daily Cow

One of the best encyclopedias for cattle breeds on the web. Learn facts not fancy about bovines. Also available as an app that moos!

Look up different types of cows  >

Grimmly Speaking®

DRAMA: Grimmly Speaking

The most downloaded series in our ever expanding collection of free radio and theater scripts. Many of our online scripts also include audio to help younger students learn how to read.

Grimm fairy tale scripts  >

Surfer and Hawaiian Slang

INFO: Surfer and Hawaiian Slang

This dictionary is one of the most popular on the web. New info or words are always being added because we read something or someone sends us an entry.

Dive in and start surfing  >

The Raw Pineapple Trilogy

VIDEO: The Raw Pineapple

The students wanted to surf from California to India via Hawaii. We let a pineapple narrate and he was soooooo funny that we also cut a short vid of his antics (and we made a documentary). It’s a trilogy, of sorts.

Watch all three  >

The Cow Wall®

COWS: The Cow Wall

We continue to do the research and so far have made over a thousand images into Cow Wall cattle. This is the largest and only online side-by-side picture reference of the world's cattle breeds.

The Cow Wall – Alphabetical  >