VIDEO: The Raw Pineapple

Authentic translations of surfer slang plus a talking pineapple as narrator – the only video we know of with both. Such a deal!

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When the state of California breaks loose and floats into the islands of Hawaii and then they BOTH start heading towards the country of India — what do you think will happen?

The Raw Pineapple is filled with authentic surfer slang, triggerfish in the school library, some Hawaiian and New Zealand dialect (also translated) and plenty of other silliness mixed with fact. (e.g. There really is a Mumbai International Film Festival for Short and Animated Films.)

Created in 2005, editing of The Raw Pineapple, The Making of The Raw Pineapple, and Outtakes of The Raw Pineapple was done on Final Cut Pro 4. The two big chunks of music and some incidental music were provided by SmartSound’s Sonicfire Pro and the other incidental music was composed using Soundtrack (which is a part of Final Cut Pro). The keying for the compositing was done using dvMatte Pro from dvGarage.

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