VIDEO: The Making of The Raw Pineapple

A documentary about how a Kranky Kids after-school program for video works.

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For The Making of The Raw Pineapple (2005/6), the two documentary cameras used were Panasonic DVX-100s. The Designated Educator Camera was a Canon XL-1S. (The assumption is that anyone else doing an after school program will have only one camera - hence the DEC.)

Lishka was miced using a Sony ECM-77 wireless with a WRT-28 transmitter (no longer available but there are newer kinds out there). A Sennheiser ME-80 shotgun mic (also not made anymore) and a Sound Devices 302 Mixer were also used. The students were filmed in front of a Chromaflex screen and a blue LiteRing was attached to the DEC (both from reflecmedia).

Editing of this documentary was done on Final Cut Pro 4. The two big chunks of music and some incidental music were provided by SmartSound’s Sonicfire Pro and the other incidental music was composed using Soundtrack (which is a part of Final Cut Pro). The keying for the compositing was done using dvMatte Pro from dvGarage.

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