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Here is a real surfer patiently answering our questions about the Surfrider Foundation, beach access and ocean pollution, and surfing in general.

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Rob Caughlan and the Kranky Kids Radio Club 2015

The Surfrider Foundation elected Rob Caughlan to be their first president and he served six terms. During his tenure he acted as their plaintiff and won, in terms of violations, the largest victory for clean water in American history.

“I was honored to serve as President of the Surfrider Foundation for six years and we won some major victories. In l990, with the legal leadership of Mark Massara and Pete McCloskey, we won the largest clean water action in American history in our fight against the ocean polluting pulp mills in Humboldt County, California.

More recently I have become active in the battle to open Martin's Beach. The bluff along the top of the cliff-lined cove had been purchased by a mysterious absentee landlord who was preventing access to surfers and beachgoers in general.”

Here is the entire interview:

As soon as we have time, we will break the interview down into seperate questions and answers.

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