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Illustrator CS4: Some Keyboard Shortcuts

Cheat Sheet 20090217

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For all your pre-set Keyboard Shortcuts:

• Go to Edit - Keyboard Shortcuts

Artboard Mode:

Shift-O opens artboard mode which allows you to drag and re-size artboards.
• Hold Shift when dragging a corner to re-size proportionately.
Esc returns you to standard editing mode and the last Tool you were using. (On a Mac, I’ve found that switching to any Tool using a keyboard shortcut gets you out of artboard mode.)

Changing screen modes:

Tab gets rid of menus and toolbar.
F changes screen modes (when in doubt, press Esc).
hover on the sides to get your toolbars to show up when in Full Screen Mode.

Closing Documents:

Command-W (⌘W) – closes a single open document.
Option-Command-W (⌥ ⌘W ) - closes a all open documents.

Fit Artboard In Window:

Command-0 (⌘0)

Fit All Artboards In Window:

Option-Command-0 (⌥⌘0)

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Moving your image:

• Use your Arrow Keys.
Shift + Arrow Key is ten times (10x) whatever you set in Preferences.

Hand Tool:

• Press H and then click-hold-drag.
Hold down the spacebar and then click-hold-drag to move your image around with the little hand that grabs the image.

Re-size Artboards Proportionately:

• Hold Shift when dragging a corner.


Command-R (⌘R)

Scroll wheel on Mac:

• Use scroll wheel moving for up and down in an image.
• Hold Command (⌘) while scrolling for moving back and forth.
• Hold Option (⌥) while scrolling to zoom in and out.

Viewing Multiple Image Tabs:

Command-Tilde (⌘~)
• Or, go to Window – at the very bottom is a list of all the image documents you have open (pick the one you want to view).


Z - Zoom-In Tool
Option-Z (⌥Z) - Zoom-Out Tool
Command-Plus (⌘+) – to zoom in
Command-Minus (⌘-) – to zoom out
• Hold down Command-Spacebar to access the Zoom-In Tool and then, while still holding them down, click and zoom in – or – click and draw a marquis around where you want to zoom in and then release Command-Spacebar.
• Hold down Option-Command-Spacebar to access the Zoom-Out Tool and then, while still holding them down, click to zoom out.

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